Sunday, April 21, 2024

A few bits and bobs

The title probably sounds quite old-fashioned but it's something my mum used to say when I was a child and it's just stuck! Google refers to it as "an assortment of small items" or in my world "an assortment of oddments". First is another Amyrillis in flower. This time it's a variegated version which I rather like.
I think it's the last to flower for this year unless, of course, I find another that I've squirreled away and forgotten about! The Camassias I planted in the orchard a few years have settled in really well. I was a bit unsure about putting them in such heavy and wet clay soil but apparently that's their native habitat in the USA.
Unfortunately, our resident Pheasant seems to be annoyed by them and keeps pecking off the flowers! No worries though as bring them in and plonk them in a jam jar on the kitchen windowsill and Shelley likes to sniff them!
I've just started a new crochet project to use up some of my Rowan Summer Tweed stash. Of course I have a supervisor to keep me on track!
I must go back through my knitting projects and see what I should share as I've had some lovely items recently, especially this jumper from Wool & Pine:
It doesn't look special when layed out like this but it's a joy to wear and the colour is beautiful.

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