Sunday, June 16, 2024

Spring things!

So many things have happened and I just can't keep up! I've still got a niggling injury from a fall caused by an impatient club runner a few months ago and this has impacted on all my plans! I've been knitting, crocheting, gardening, running short distances, attending Yoga to stretch out the sore bits and there's lots of work to do in the house too but not enough hours in the day! That said, we had a nice surprise yesterday when one of our resident wild ducks brought her babies up to show us:
Awwh, aren't they cute?! Mrs Duck had some food and a short rest then she headed off to the pond and I followed her in case anything attacked her 8 precious babies. She brought them up again later in the afternoon and they were all fine and we watched them skimming around in the pond. But here comes the BUT - this morning there were 7 ducklings when she came up for her brekkie and then this afternoon there were only 6 ducklings. Sadly, Nature can be very cruel.
Let's hope the remaining babies survive.

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