Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Pudding Dash

Today I ran the inaugural Christmas Pudding 5 mile Dash at Ashburnham. What fun! I wore my Ms Santa outfit which was tacky, sparkly and excellent fun. It got loads of admiring comments and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole race. Mike, my hubby, came too and was an excellent supporter, popping up all over the place to take photos. Here's one of me with Pete, aka Mr Finknottle, from the Runner's World forum. Doesn't he look fab in his red leggings and green shorts!

I met several other forumites in the car park afterwards so we had to have a photo shoot! From left to right: Nitnum (in her lovely pink santa outfit!), Redhead (that's me in case you hadn't realised), Nitnum's brother, Pantman and his son Timmy (who ran a stonking time of around 32 minutes. I actually managed a pb of 43:47 so was very pleased with myself.

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