Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Too wet and windy for wool!

OK, so my running training is on track so far but the knitting part of it is falling behind because of the dreadful weather - 60 mph gales and driving rain! I did manage about 30 minutes running and using the circular knitting needles the other day. I thought it was going to be easier than straight pins but it was actually much harder because I kept having to push the knitting round. Back to the drawing board - maybe larger, straight pins is the answer after all.

I emailed Rachel John, who does amazing extreme knitting projects using giant knitting needles and loads of yarn. She recently knitted using 1000 strands of yarn! (see the pictures). She confirmed what I've already found out, that circular needles present as many problems as ordinary needles. She suggested sewing straight needles to my clothes and learning to reverse knit. It's all getting a bit too complicated and I wonder if I'd be better just persevering with plain old knitting. Watch this space.

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