Sunday, December 10, 2006

A few miles and some flooding!

The weather has been so vile all week that I was quite relieved to wake up on Saturday and find it was neither raining nor blowing a gale. I decided to head down to Bodiam for a 10 mile circuit mostly off-road by the castle. This is a view of the castle - it really looked beautiful with the sun shining on it as it's a true fairy-tale castle.

The River Rother had burst its banks and flooded the surrounding fields so I couldn't run along it and had to run along the top of the ridge instead. I had such a great time that I ended up doing 12 miles instead.

Sunday morning was frosty and all the roads were very slippy because the water pouring off the fields had frozen. As it was lovely and sunny again I decided to head out across the fields and then come back along the roads when the sun had melted the ice. I'd planned to do 20 miles but as 90% of it was off-road across rough, sodden fields, I cut it short and did 15 miles instead.

Total mileage for the week was 48 and felt good.

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