Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Autumn Walks

It's that time of year when you just have to get out into the countryside to enjoy the wonderful autumn weather - neither cold nor hot, perfect for walking in fact. Judy and I are both Footpath Wardens for our Parish and we go around checking that the public rights of way are in good order and that stiles are not rotten etc.

Judy took me along one of her favourite walks which I didn't know and it really was a beauty. I love exploring new places and this was well worth the trip and parts of it would be good to run too.

Poppy, Judy's lovely dog, came too and she had a wonderful time chasing pheasants and bounding around in the grass then through the woods.

I loved the woods and took several photos of bark and lichens as I love the patterns and colours (too many to upload!). I also couldn't resist a couple of fungus shots. Aren't they just gorgeous?

The first one I haven't identified but the second ones are named 'Sulphur Tuft' which is very apt as the yellow colour was jewel-bright.

They smothered this old tree stump and it looked like a fairy landscape. Simply beautiful.

These 2 photos show views over towards Salehurst, a small village I've written about many times before because I often run around there.

If you enlarge to lower one and look at the lefthand side you can just make out a shape in the grass - it looked as if someone had mown a smiley face into the hillside!

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Marina said...

You people over there are too funny! We drove all over England looking for crop circles and chalk figures. But, if I had to mow that much grass, it would be tempting to do something different.