Sunday, November 15, 2009

In a spin

Today was the day I chose to try out the drop spindle. I read the instructions thoroughly and it looked straightforward enough (remember that old adage "pride comes before a fall"?) so off I went. After several minutes of bad language and broken bits of fibre it occurred to me that I must be missing a piece of the jigsaw.

Thank goodness for Google which lead me to this clip. Megan made it look so easy! "Don't worry if your yarn breaks, it's easy to fix it", she said. "No it isn't!" I replied as I broke yet another chunk off the strand.

So back I went to the drop spindle and the actual spinning. The first 12" looked really good (Mike said it looked like real yarn!) but then it broke again and it all went downhill from there. It actually looks like one of those 'thick and thin' novelty yarns!

Back to the drawing board methinks!!!


Shan said...

Pretty sad when a little bit of wool and a simple little child's plaything can bring a grown woman to tears, eh? I remember how embarrassed I was when I read that little girls of 3 or 4 were taught to spindle, and by the age of 6 or 7 they were fully involved in textile production for the family. "Er.....well done, them."

Susie Hewer said...

Precocious brats!!!!!

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

Don't fret too much.It might be the spindle. I've used several different drop spindles. 2 were very difficult and the other worked great after a couple tries. Each was borrowed and I do not remember what type they were, but if you are really interested, try another style.