Thursday, June 7, 2012

May I present Turbohaler

Turbohaler in all his glory
Well, here's a photo I never dreamt I'd be posting, that's for sure!  The previous inhaler I'd been given to help me breath did very little and I've felt really grotty for 2 weeks.  Unable to run up hills I had to run the flat bits and downhill bits of my routes and then walk up the hills as I simply couldn't get my breath at all.

So off I trotted back to the quack who said that although my spirometry test had been inconclusive, my breath-flow chart did suggest that I have asthma.  Deep joy.  Enter Turbohaler, an inhaler containing a delightful  mix of steroid and something to help open my airways.  I also have a follow-up appointment at the asthma management clinic.  Poo.  Although this is a blow it makes sense of some of the breathing problems I've had over the years and have just carried on without worrying.  It's just that now it has a name and I am feeling somewhat under the weather.

Turbohaler is certainly more effective than the previous one and I managed a good run the other day but, and it is a big 'but', I have a marathon scheduled for this weekend.  It is a tough one (why do I always pick tough off-road marathons?!) across the South Downs and there are many hills to traverse.  I would probably walk a lot of the steep uphills anyway but am I in good enough shape to last the distance? - I'm not too sure.  I have 2 more days to make my decision and if I do decide not to do it then I shall have to find another marathon in the autumn to make up my total of 5.

My Harlequin shawlette is finished and I am very pleased with the result.  I've made several modifications to the pattern to suit my yarn and how I wanted it to look.  

Untidy edges

I felt the finished edges looked rather untidy and it's not just because of the yarn I used - I checked out the photos in the book and all the edges look decidedly wavy, even in the thick yarn that was used.

Tidy edges
My solution was simple - a row of double crochet all the way round.  It really has made it so much neater and unified the colours.

My first attempt at entrelac
You will notice that it is not just a rectangle like a scarf as in the pattern.  I wanted a more fitted shape that would sit comfortably on my shoulders.  So I used 5mm needles for the bottom half and then went down to 4.5mm for the rest and it's worked out really well.

Possible fasteners
As a closure, the pattern uses a button with a crocheted loop so I had a rummage in my button collection and found this lovely old  floral button (left).   Although I love it I think I prefer the square brooch on the right.  It's from the 1950s and belonged to my mum and I think it looks good with the squares of the entrelac.  The bonus is it has matching earrings.

I'll take a photo of me wearing it when I'm feeling better as it's so pretty that I want to do it justice.

Allium Christophii
As I wandered round the front garden this morning I couldn't resist snapping this beautiful allium.  The metallic purple star-shaped flowers are so lovely.

Plebejus argus (aka the Silver-studded Blue)
They are also very popular with butterflies and this Silver-studded Blue gave me a wonderful display of the underside of its wings.  I actually thought it was a Common Blue until I checked in my butterfly book.

Sunset 7/6/12
I'm loving the dusky mauves against the apricot glow in this sky photo.

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