Friday, June 8, 2012

Ta da!

I decided I should get Mike to take a photo of the finished item even though I'm not looking my sparkling best - wadd'yamean that was 30 years ago?!!!!  The colours aren't very vibrant in this photo but in real life the deep purple and sharp green combo really zings and I love the brooch as a closure.
The finished shawlette
Next time I wear this I want to be feeling really good.  I've got until I get up at 4am tomorrow to decide whether I'm fit to do the South Downs marathon as I still can't make my mind up.  It's a 2.5 hour drive there as it's a long way away.  I really don't want to let people down by pulling out even though I know I could just reschedule my marathons and do an extra one in the Autumn.  Decisions, decisions.  I'm sure I'll know what to do when the time arrives.

Another moody sky at 8pm last night
When we opened the local paper today we had a laugh as there were photos from all the local Jubilee celebrations and this photo of me appeared with the caption "Every village needs a Princess"!
What an expression!
You can see Mike behind me on the left wearing a grey jacket and carrying an umbrella.  He too was dressed in red, white & blue - red tee under a white shirt and blue trousers.

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Shan said...

"Whaddya mean that was 30 years ago!" just killed me...still laughing.

I think you look great! Good bones, girlie.