Friday, June 22, 2012

Who dunnit?

In our patio there is a hole into which I stick my rotary drier.  There is a rubber cover that fits inside but it blows away so I often don't bother putting it in.  Sometimes when I go outside in the morning there are splashes around it and I've often wondered why.
Hole with splashes
Then I saw the culprits in action.  Here's a clue......

..and here they are - the ducks stick their beaks into it and drink the water!  I wish I could get a photo of them actually doing it as it looks ridiculous.  We have 2 large ponds and 2 drinking troughs nearby so why on earth would they bother sticking their beaks down a tight pipe?   I've also caught them drinking out of the watering cans so I don't know why I was surprised.  I did chuckle when I saw them in action.

The culprits
The other day I spent ages taking photos of the ducklings.  They are so cute.  Mrs Duck has them marching all over the place and she's really anxious and on the look out for danger all the time.  I feel honoured that a wild bird comes so close to me.

Sadly though, despite her vigilance, the 4 have now become 3.  I did notice that one of them was flagging a bit the other day so perhaps he was a weakling and just didn't have the strength to survive.

I'm having a bit of a Bargello moment as a break from knitting and crochet.

This is going to be a sampler cushion based on the colours of our lounge curtains.

I've completed a strip of tiny samples in neutral colours all down one side and am now debating what to place in the large strip down the middle.  I'm fancying a stepped wave pattern in shades of green.  Then the far side will be larger samples in red, blue, green and neutrals.

It's very absorbing.

I can't decide what my next knitting or crochet project should be.  I have so much yarn and too many choices!

I am writing this before I venture out for a run.  I am procrastinating as I am anxious that this run goes well.  Mary Massage Lady has pummelled my right leg to within an inch of its life so I'm hoping it will be better now.  But will my breathing be OK?  I hope so but I am nervous about it.  Fingers crossed anyway.

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