Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I didn't run on Sunday

It's so rare that I miss doing my long run on a Sunday that I felt I had to write about it!  I had such a ghastly day with asthma on Saturday, feeling grotty with a raging sore throat and very chesty and then kept waking up coughing throughout the night.  I didn't feel too bad when I got up but Mike very sensibly suggested I take a day off and just potter to let my body recover.

So I did, but my idea of pottering isn't quite as relaxing as it perhaps should be!

When the sun rose there was still mist trapped in the valley below.   I've tried and tried to capture just how beautiful it looks but never quite manage it.

As the sun peeped through the trees, the grasses shimmered and the seedheads dripped with sparkly diamonds. 

 So pretty!

The garden spiders had been busy making their amazing webs.

Mike was playing the piano and so I decided to have a bonfire!  

This tidy little fire is the last bit of it as I was too busy hurling branches onto it to take photo when it was in full flow.  We'd just finished cutting the hedges and there were about 8 trailer loads of branches to deal with - too thin and sappy to shred, so burning was the only answer.

When it was almost done I headed back up to the house for a well earned coffee, stopping at the pond to catch this lovely reflection of the sky.

The temperature was soaring by then so Tinker and I decided we'd do some weaving on the crochet blanket.  I daren't think how many hours this has taken so far and will take to finish - it takes me 15 minutes to double weave one row.  It will be worth the effort though as it's starting to look lovely.

When it cooled down a bit in the afternoon I went out with the camera to snap some more butterflies.

Silver Y moth on Lotus flower

Silver Y moth from the side

Small White on Eupatorium 

Small White male (?) - no spot

Plume Moth
The cyclamen are peeping through the undergrowth in the shady areas of the front garden.

As the day drew to a close we decided to make the most of what was forecast to be the last of the good weather and so we set up the sunbeds with a crocheted blankie each for when it got cooler.  You might also spot the bottle of wine and 2 glasses!

I love sitting outside in the evening and either knitting or crocheting.  In this case I was crocheting some ideas for another cushion cover.

I know I'm not taking photos of the sunset any more but this sky was so lovely I couldn't resist.

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