Friday, September 21, 2012

World Alzheimer's Day

Today is the 18th World Alzheimer's Day.

It makes me sad that dementia has become such a problem that it has to have a special day but at least it is spoken about more openly now.

People often ask me now why I am still campaigning 7 years after my mum died and it's simple - so little has changed since I first started out on my journey.  Research into this devastating disease is still desperately under-funded but at least David Cameron has listened and has promised to make it a priority.

I would like to be able to focus on the good times with my mum but I know in my heart that I must still tell her story so that others become aware of how dreadful dementia is both for the person themselves and for those around them.

Today I shall be remembering how ghastly it was for my mum as she descended into the dark world of dementia and thinking of all those who are suffering now, together with their families and friends.

I miss you mum.

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