Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Just a sneaky peek at what's going on around here.  The pile of snowflakes grows and grows.  Why are some purple and white?  That's a secret at the moment!  There are about 50 snowflakes in the pile now. They are great for doing when having a coffee break or whilst watching TV as each one only takes about 15 minutes.  They still need starching and blocking though so I've got a fair bit to do before Friday.

The snowflakes have been joined by some crocheted chain and some knitted i-cord.

The last of the knitted Christmas presents is about to be started.  It uses a chunky yarn so it should be a quick knit (it require more balls than I've shown but I don't want to give anything away).  It was a last minute idea and it makes me smile thinking about it.

The Christmas decorations are up with just a few finishing touches to go.  This year I decorated the beams in the music room using garlands of fir twined with poinsettias.


Unknown said...

I have recently come upon your blog and I'm intrigued on so many levels. I'm from the US and I also am committed to raising awareness and fundraising for Alzheimer's research. I'm actively involved with the Alzheimer's Association, and I was so moved when I read your mum's story. But I felt a particular connection when I came across your blog, because in 2009, I ran my first ever marathon, and it was specifically for the purpose of raising money for the Alz Assoc. (Prior to training for the marathon, I had never run further than 5 miles!)

Furthermore, I am an avid knitter, just like yourself! It's wonderful that you have a blog to share your story and your inspiration with others! Thank you for sharing.

~ Lori

Susie Hewer said...

Hi Lori,

Thank you so much for leaving a comment, it's always lovely to hear from like-minded people.

I am sorry to hear that your life has been touched by dementia but I am pleased to hear that you too are helping to raise awareness on the other side of the pond. Very well done for completing a marathon and for such a good cause. Be warned though - they can be addictive (says the woman who only ever intended to run one!).

In terms of research into dementia I always think that it's a global challenge and discoveries in one country can help scientists in another country. Let's carry on trying to beat it. Good luck with all your endeavours.


Unknown said...

Happy New Year Susie! I appreciate you sending a comment back! I recently replied to your comment through email, but I didn't realize it doesn't work that way, and unfortunately, you never received my reply. But I was trying to tell you that my husband and I were taking our girls to London for New Year's Eve this year. I thought it would have been great to meet for coffee while we were there, and I'm sorry we didn't get that opportunity. We had a great trip though, albeit a quick one. We arrived Friday and left Wednesday morning. But we definitely want to come back because there's so much to see!

I read through some of your recent posts. It sounds like you have a very busy year ahead of you! You are quite the inspiration. I may steal a few of your ideas!

Also, the tree with the purple and white snowflakes was just amazing. It was such a great idea and a beautiful way to raise awareness and honor your mom.

Hope you had a great new year!


Susie Hewer said...

Hi Lori and a Happy New Year to you too! What a pity about your email but I'm glad you all enjoyed London. Maybe next time you're coming over to the UK we could try to meet up. Happy running and knitting for 2013.