Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring is in the air (?)


I've been meaning to knit this cute little scarf by Jean Moss for ages. It's not a snuggly-keep-you-warm type of scarf, just a light decorative touch for your neckline. A bit of frippery.

It's name is 'Evergreen', from her book Sweet Shawlettes, and I liked its quirky dangliness (I don't care if that isn't a real word!).

I decided to use some Rowan Summer Tweed in bright, Spring-like colours to contrast with my green corduroy jacket which you can see here when I was showing off the Modern Quilt Wrap.

The green of the scarf has bright turquoise and yellow flecks in it which gave me the idea of adding some flowers to the leaves. The leaves are knitted as in her pattern but the flowers are my own very simple crocheted shape.

Today has been dreary and the light wasn't really good for taking photos but I know that if I hadn't done it today then I'd probably forget so apologies that the colours don't really zing. The leaves need a good blocking to stop them curling so I'll get Mike to take a photo of me wearing it with my jacket when it's done.

Dementia data

I forgot to put a random fact about dementia in my last post but here's another one: 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 today will have some form of dementia when they die.

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