Monday, July 14, 2014


There's been a lot of travelling hither and thither over the past few days and I shall have to start the write-ups tomorrow as I'm weary now.

First there was coach trip to the beautiful Wisley gardens, home of the Royal Horticultural Society, with our village Horticultural Society.

With a journey of some 1.75 hours each way it was an ideal opportunity to have a go at replicating the crocheted doily from my last post so I took a small ball of 4ply acrylic and my hook and kept myself busy experimenting.

Then there was a trip to Tate Britain in London to see the British Folk Art exhibition.

That involved a train journey and so this time I took my prototype mandala for reference and had a go at replicating it using some bits of Rowan Cotton Glace and a 2mm hook. This is as far as I got and was just starting to play around with an idea for an overlay crochet border.

As you might have noticed my mandalas are sitting in an upturned stetson on the small table on the train. 

Mike wanted me to note that it's actually HIS stetson which he'd allowed me to borrow for the day. So here you can see whose head it was on and don't they say that possession is 9 points of the law? I love hats and think it completes my outfit perfectly so he should stop being a meany and share!

Then of course there's Nellie who is now complete after much faffing around to get her trunk just right. Here's a teaser without her eyes and ears (she's gorgeous btw).

The full stories will appear over the next few days, although I do have another trip into London on Wednesday for a meeting……………..


Holly said...

I love the colours on your mandal!

Susie Hewer said...

Thanks Holly. It's still not quite finished as I can't decide on the edging!