Friday, December 31, 2021

New Year, new goals

I'm still rather uncertain about committing to any running/fund-raising goals until I see what happens in the New Year - will there be another lockdown or perhaps more restrictions? We'll soon find out! I've been staying away from large running events for the past few weeks, just in case, but am itching to get back out there. In the meantime I've signed up for another virtual challenge namely John o'Groats to Land End which is the reverse of the one I did during the very first lockdown. It will encourage me to get my act together and get out there for a run even if I don't feel like it. It's a case of use it or lose it, especially as my arthritis has taken on a more determined attack in the last few weeks which is rather tedious. That reminded me of some great service I had in the week before Christmas: I was searching for bargains in running shoes and came across Footway ( which is based in Sweden. I found exactly the shoes I'd been looking for and even with a £14 postage cost they were at least £40 cheaper than anywhere in the UK! Sounds too good to be true doesn't it and I kept everything crossed in the hope that they'd arrive in one piece/not get lost/be the wrong size. But the most exciting thing was that I ordered them at 2:30pm on day one and they arrived via DPD at 11.30am the next day! Now that is fantastic service when you think about the trouble we have in the UK with Hermes deliveries!!!
Mike spotted this and it made me chuckle, although the shortage of drivers is a cause for concern!
The Shift cowl is complete and blocking then ready for joining the neck. I love the jewel colours of the yarn mix. Next up will be a new cardigan for Mike.
Macrame Time I've finally made a start on my journey into Macrame after many years of dithering and it's actually good fun. Of course I expected to be an expert straight away and it turned out I wasn't! I spent ages trying to get the hang of the simplest of knots, put it to one side and then went back the next day and grasped it immediately, thank goodness. This was my first attempt at a Square knot which formed the Basis of a heart coaster I'd chosen to make.
It seemed to take ages for my brain to get the rhythm of the knots as when I followed the instructions in my book the instructions weren't making much sense. However, when I went back to it the next day I formed my own words and commands and all of a sudden it sank it (thank goodness!!!). Of course, Shelley helped enormously! So here we have my heart coaster and a little hanging ornament.

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