Monday, December 6, 2021

Some you win, some you lose

....marathons, that is! I've had 2 visits to beautiful Samphire Hoe during a 10in10 marathon event (that's 10 marathons in 10 days). The first one I abandoned at 20 miles as my foot was hurting, the second was perfect and I sneaked in at 5:12:45 which is a vast improvement from my current form. I admit that I can sometimes be a bling tart, especially when it's a really clever one, and I really wanted the latest medal! It's an Advent calendar with a magnet on the back so you can move the counter along each day - simple pleasures without the chocolate guilt, perfect.
I'm also plotting my fund-raising challenge for Alzheimer's Research UK in 2022 and as I will be 65 years young next year I think it needs to be something that challenges me even more - gulp! No decisions until after Christmas. I'm still taking loads of photos of the sky, mostly at the back of the house but with the last one being the sunrise taken at the front of the house this morning:
Another delight was a visit from a Green Woodpecker:
But one of my favourite snaps was down at Samphire Hoe where I spotted this beautiful cow licking her calf lovingly:
Our resident Philip the pheasant has managed to stay alive for 2 years now which is a miracle given the number of foxes around! He arrived in early 2019 when the shoots finished early due to Covid and he's stayed with us ever since. Here's a short video clip of me feeding him - I don't feed him out of my hand as it hurts when he pecks!

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