Wednesday, November 29, 2006

These legs were made for running, these hands were made to knit

This last week I did some serious training with a total of 47 miles for the week (with a 10 miler on Saturday and 17 miles on Sunday). The weather was so vile that I didn't get an opportunity to experiment with the circular knitting needles but am going to try tomorrow.

Fund-raising is slow at the moment as I'm still in the planning stages but there have been some fantastic developments - Knitting magazine will be putting my details on their news page, with a photo of me running and knitting. Susan from has offered to put training progress updates on her noticeboard and will do a full blown article when the magazine is published again in February. Fantastic stuff.

I've just finished one of the fingerless gloves I'm making for my husband. I haven't got a digital camera so can't put a photo of it on here yet. Hopefully Father Christmas will rectify this problem!

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