Thursday, May 8, 2008

A drop of Guinness and some crochet

Amarilis from Guinness World Records has just sent me some photos from the London Marathon and I love this one at the finish. That's Amarilis on the left and Scott on the right. He no longer works for them full time as he's pursuing his dream of becoming an actor. He still pops along to special events though and it was lovely to see him again.

I like seeing all the detritus in the background - the almost empty wagons that held the runners' kit bags, the discarded space blankets, the Union flag flying. See how easy it is to forget the pain and effort of the event?!

I've started on the first sleeve for Autumn Rose but there's not much point in showing that so here's something else I'm working on. It's one of many crocheted flowers to cover a lampshade. I'm using a pattern from the book Vintage Crochet which I bought with some gift vouchers I received for Christmas.

There are several projects that I want to do (including a design by Nicki from Laughing Hens. I have a lamp in my office with a plain cream shade and the flowers will really brighten it up. Each flower measures about 4.5" across which is larger than the pattern in the book but I'm just using yarn from my stash. In fact, it's a wool/cotton yarn from a Jean Moss kit that I abandoned years ago because I didn't like the pattern so at least I'm using some of it up. The colour variations sadly don't show up in the photo - there are 3 shades of taupe/beige, an olive green and a deep rust.

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