Thursday, May 1, 2008

Back on track

OK, I'm back on track at last! It's taken a while but I've picked up my knitting again and am ready for the next phase - steeks (eek!). The best description I've found is on Eunny Yang's blog and as she wrote the pattern for Autumn Rose I think I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

Here's where I'm up to with the sweater. The next row sets the steek for the neckline and begins the decreases either side so I'll take photos of each stage. I've never doen this before; in fact, I'd never even heard of steeks until I started to investigate Fair Isle knitting. In this photo you can see the shaping for the waist (not that I've got a waist any more!). So, tomorrow I shall be attempting my first ever steek.

Here's a gratuitous cute kitty photo (Tinker is so sweet it's hard to believe he massacres bunnies and baby voles!)

This will be my next Fair Isle project. Marina, the doyenne of Fair Isle, tipped me off that Virtual Yarns had restocked so I have finally received my next project (which was going to be my first!).

Finally, I couldn't resist snapping this board outside the newsagent in the next village! My next marathon is on Sunday - the Three Forts Marathon, 27+ miles of hills. Bring it on!!!!


monica said...

that's not a marathon! that's an ultra....ultra tough!!! :-)

Tina - omme i London said...

GULP - I'll keep my fingers crossed for the steek. I've yet to brave it, but ehmmm... can't really face it yet!

Marina said...

How did it go? Easy, right?

Love the colours of Oregon! I'm trying very hard not to buy another kit, but everybody's making it so difficult by flashing their new kits ;-)

Glad to see you've perked up and ready for next marathon. Good luck!