Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jiminy cricket!

Look at this beautiful little fellow I spotted on my Begonia Luxurians.  He was huge!  I think he's an Oak Bush-Cricket and I've never seen one like him before.

Oak Bush-Cricket
I've just been out assessing the garden, thinking what to move where, what's worked and what has not  etc etc as one does at this time of year.

Herb border
The herb border by the patio looked pretty when in flower but annoyingly the lavenders are not all the same variety.  It was only a temporary planting anyway so that will be different next year.

 This Ballota was bought on a whim as I knew nothing about it but just liked its furry grey foliage.  I didn't even know if it flowered - it did and the bees adored it.

A buzzy friend

I tried and tired to get a photo of the huge number of bees whizzing to and fro each of the tiny, insignificant looking flowers but they were so fast and furious in their gathering of the precious pollen  that I couldn't capture them!

Magnolia Grandiflora
My Magnolia Grandiflora had 2 beautiful milky white flowers that filled the air with their lemony perfume.  I'm trying to grow it in a massive pot to see how it copes with it.  So far it's looking very healthy.

After the petals dropped I thought the cone looked so beautiful that I've saved the image to use as an embroidery design.


Lisa said...

Hello, I've lurked at your site for a few years and wanted to say how inspired my daughter and I are by your running. She still runs and will be completing her 1st 1/2 marathon, The Rock & Roll Philly in the US. I tried to start with her 2 yrs ago, but nasty shin splits from poor shoes and the asthma put a damper on it. I plan to start as soon as this awful heat is gone here in NJ. Well, the reason I also responded is that The seed pod from the magnolia should also get bright red seeds, and you might want to capture that on film also. We used to have one that was ancient at another home that just was so fascinating to observe through the seasons. I miss it. I'm pretty sure we had the same type that you have. I didn't know they lived so high up. I believe you are a little higher than we are. Anyway, I love your fiber crafts, I'm a knitter, and that's how I found you. Some link about a crazy runner who crocheted while she ran.:) So we've lurked since then. I know you inspire my daughter, who has MS, to keep running. It's been very good for her. Thanks, Lisa

Susie Hewer said...

Hi Lisa and daughter!

Thank you so much for your kind words and well done to you both for running. It will certainly help with MS both physically and mentally. Sorry to hear about your shin splints - I suffered a few years ago and now do a lot of my runs off-road which has helped.

I'll watch out for the seeds when the pod has ripened. It really is a glorious specimen. Susie