Monday, April 22, 2013

A quick newsflash

There is so much to write about the events of last few days that it will take me ages to update so I thought I'd just do a quick teaser from the London marathon yesterday.

I ran and knitted my way round in 5:54:23 and the finished scarf was measured by a Guinness world Record official at 2.05 metres.  It's so heavy though that by the time I'd got home (having worn it all the way of course) it measured 2.35 metres!   It's not like knitting at home where you give it a nice blocking and then measure it  - it was just laid flat on the tarmac and measured quickly.

A full and detailed account of everything will follow asap - there's the first ever Alzheimer's Show, the Guinness World Records photo shoot and press conference and then the marathon itself and there are loads of photos too.

I've now started my 111 day running streak so Day 1 was the London marathon where I ran 26.57 miles and Day 2 today I ran 5.55 miles.  I shall be keeping a running total (pun intended!).

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