Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A special lady

This post is a special thank you to Glenys who lives in our village.

I've pinched this off your website Glenys; hope you don't mind!

Glenys is  a very talented artist and craftswoman. She paints beautiful watercolours of animals, birds and scenery and has a website here showing examples of her wonderful work. She is also a talented needlewoman and she hosts out knit and natter sessions once a month and plies us with tea and cake.

As well as being a great artist, she is also a lovely person and is always at the centre of village life, organising events to bring people together.  The first time I ran the London marathon whilst knitting she created this lovely card for me complete with teeny-weeny knitting!

She produced loads of little fliers about the coffee morning to distribute to the villagers but not only did she deliver them to our village, she also delivered them for miles around. I think this is one of the reasons our event was so successful. On the day itself she donated one of her beautiful prints and then took charge of organising the raffle ticket stubs.

Thanks Glenys, you are a star. See you later for a bit of knitting and nattering. Love and hugs, Susie xxx

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