Monday, June 10, 2013

Mellow Yellow

Sunshine yellow actually

Can you guess what I was doing this weekend, just from looking at my old running shoes?  

I'm wearing knee pads 'cos I've been scrambling around on my knees, which is a useful clue.

The yellow came from the beautiful buttercups in the meadow by the orchard.  It's taken years of weeding, getting rid of brambles/docks/sow thistles/creeping thistles to allow the wildflowers to take hold and this is the first year that the buttercups have looked so splendid.

It truly is a sea of golden yellow and it's so uplifting.

Why was I scrambling around on my knees in the midst of them?  I was planting these beautiful Camassia Quamash.  The bees love them.

They don't show up yet in the photo but the beautiful blue set amongst the bright yellow looks stunning.

I'm hoping that they will be happy in their situation and if they are then they will self seed so in  a few years it should look amazing.  The beauty of them is that when they've flowered the leaves just die back and so the grass can be cut without damaging them.

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