Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The naughty bunny and a crochet update

First it's the naughty bunny.  There I was, standing in the dining room with my cup of coffee, surveying the gravel garden through the window when I spotted some movement in the middle of the bed.

Out he hopped.  Hippety-hop, bold as brass across the gravel, jumped up onto the rock border and proceeded to nibble away in the herbaceous bed!

I banged on the window and he scuttled off, no doubt to return as soon as my back was turned.  Such is life in the country.

When I'd finished my coffee I headed out to inspect the damage:

Nibbled stalks of my beautiful Trifolium repens (a relative of clover)
My poor Leontodon, a relative of our native Hawkbit, minus his gorgeous yellow flower heads.  Here's what  the flowers looked like before the munching.

As I muttered to myself I wondered just why they will happily nibble away at the cultivated versions yet don't touch their wild relatives.  Only the bunnies can answer that!

Here's a photo of our native Hawkbit that I took on my run today and 2 of our wild forms of clover  from our meadow.  Such happy little flowers.

Our native Hawkbit
White clover - it prefers to grow in short grass
Red clover which prefers to grow in the long grass
On the crochet front I've completed another month's worth of patterns. The first motif is absolutely massive and has more rounds added in an other update!  Its measures 34 cms across.  I love the turquoise beads against the dark blue centre.  There were 2 of these to make.

One of the massive 'whirl around' motifs
Whirl around detail

The remaining motifs were simple star shapes with beads around the inner wheel.  The blue ones have surface crochet added afterwards in the dark blue.
3 stars

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