Sunday, June 16, 2013


My 111 day 'Running Streak' for Alzheimer's Research UK

Today is my 56th birthday which marks the halfway point of my running streak and so I have just got another 55 days to go.

To celebrate I decided to run a local 10k race I've never done before.  My chest is feeling particularly gunky with asthma at the moment so I didn't really have any expectations but I ran well and got a shiny new pb in the process - 53:41 by my watch.  I even managed a negative split; which means that I ran the second half faster than the first.

I ran .5 mile to warm up then 6.22 miles in the race so my total for today was 6.72 and the total miles for my streak so far is 354.79.  My total mileage for the year to date is 802.29 which is slightly higher than last year at this stage.  It will be interesting to see what my total is at the end of the year.


For anyone reading who suffers from asthma I must mention that I am still getting crippling night cramps in my legs even though I have been using the Turbohaler for 12 months now.  

Last night I woke up at 4am screaming in agony as my right calf muscle felt as if someone was crushing it with an iron rod.  It took Mike ages of pressing against it before it settled down and I could still feel it the next day, although it didn't cause me any problems whilst I was running (thank goodness!).

I've mentioned it to the doctor and to the nurse in the asthma clinic and they both say the cramps are unrelated to the medication.  As I have never suffered from them before taking the medication and it is mentioned in the turbohaler blurb as a possible side-effect I find this rather strange!

Crocheting along

I've got back into my crochet club stuff and have completed 2 of the Bandi triangles and 2 of these pretty Mosaic squares.  I enjoy using beads in crochet and I liked all the colour changes.  They still have to be blocked but I think they'll be the right size.

Love the colours!
Bead detail
For the next few days I will be taking a break from this as I have another secret project to crochet before Thursday.  Actually, Thursday itself is an exciting day but I can't write about it yet.

Baby birds

Everywhere I look at the moment I see birds too-ing and fro-ing either to a nest full of baby birds or with the fledglings in tow, mouths open, demanding food non-stop!

I knew there was a nest in then barn as the blue tits nest in there every year, usually at the back.  This year though they built their nest at the front and the babies have been so noisy.  The poor parents must be exhausted keeping them well fed and happy.

Last night I spotted 3 little faces at the hole in the eaves and they even squeal at me whenever I go near the barn!

3 little faces

On my run the other day I encountered a rook fledgling sitting in the middle of the lane.  His parent was shouting at him from up in a tree but he just sat there.

As I got nearer he started walking quickly and then ran a bit flapping his wings.  He managed to take off for about 3 feet but then landed and just stood there again, bless him.

I haven't quite mastered the flying part yet you know

Eventually he hopped into the hedgerow where I think he would have been safe until he learnt to use his wings effectively.

Back home the whole garden is full of rooks, crows and jackdaws, all with young in tow.  They do a good job of getting rid of the leatherjackets in the grass so are most welcome.  Leatherjackets are the larvae of the Crane Fly (aka Daddy Longlegs) and the damp conditions have really favoured them so we are going to be overrun with them soon.

Mum and 2 babies
Feed me!
A young rook exploring his new world

The ducklings are both growing well and Quackers' wings are quite well developed now.  Even Titch is showing tiny stumps.

Tiny wings developing
Last but not least we have the ducks queueing to drink from the watering can.  We were sitting on the sun-loungers the other evening as it was really warm and they were pottering around as usual and then they just waddled over the patio and formed a queue by the water butt!

Me next, me next!

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