Sunday, June 24, 2007

At last - 2 fingers!

Well, as I didn't have to go out for my usual 4 hour Sunday training run I found myself with some time on my hands. It's been chucking it down with rain since I woke up and I couldn't go and play out in the garden so it seemed like an ideal opportunity to take another look at the FairIsle gloves (which have been loitering in my knitting bag because I was fed up with getting the fingers wrong!).

I am a slow knitter and this has taken me forever but I've finally finished the little finger I had so much trouble with. Encouraged, I managed to do another one too and it didn't seem half as difficult. I found the first one really fiddly to do but this one was easier because I was more confident and adjusted the shaping to suit my chubby fingers.

Now I'm gaining in confidence with the process I suspect that the second glove will be executed much neater than this one. It's been a very useful learning exercise for FairIsle technique, tension and making gloves.


me said...

Wow! That's lovely! Nice work.

Just call me Ruby said...

Hiya Susie,

love the gloves and love your photo more. You look fab. I hope your hip will calm down. I get a twist in mine from my shoulder problem so I know how you feel - except I don't try and run.

Good luck, take care

Ruby xx