Saturday, June 23, 2007

What a pain, yet again!


That's the only way to describe it really. The pain in my groin hasn't gone away and I've noticed that my hips seem slightly out of kilter so I had to bite the bullet and face Aunty Alison, my trusted Physio. Now I haven't actually had cause to go and visit her since August last year which is quite amazing bearing in mind the gruelling schedule I've given myself. So I knew that when I told her what I've been up to there would be a lot of eye rolling and tutting and I wasn't wrong! She was, however, amazed at what I've managed to achieve without getting injured and she loved the running and knitting stuff. It was great to catch up with her.

Anyway, my self-diagnosis told me that my hips/pelvis were twisted (an old riding injury that keeps coming back to haunt me) which was causing my Iliotibial Bands, hamstrings and piriformis to tighten leading to a degree of sciatica when I sit for any length of time plus I've got a dull ache in my lumber spine. I wasn't sure about the origin of the groin pain.

She confirmed that my hips/pelvis were tilted again and straightened them out for me but was more concerned about the groin pain. She poked around, twisted me into strange positions and then told me that it was the psoas muscle that was causing both the back pain and the groin pain. This is most difficult to treat as it is so deep inside the body. Poo!

She's given me some really tough stretches to do 4 times a day to stretch out my ITBs and they are really painful. I have to hold them for 2 minutes each time and they really make my eyes water. Needless to say, I will not be running this weekend and I will have to withdraw from the Bewl 15 which I'd planned to run next weekend.

I'm trying to remain positive about the 50 mile challenge as it's still 3 weeks away and I am officially tapering down anyway (that means reducing my mileage to allow my body to recover).

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