Thursday, June 7, 2007

What a pain

Well, running such high mileage, albeit very slowly, it is inevitable that I pick up the odd injury on the way. During the London marathon I developed a pain in my right groin and it's been a bit niggly ever since. I felt it again on both my weekend long runs and again on Tuesday on my 5 miler so it was time for some action - or rather inaction. I've been icing it using my trusty bag of frozen peas, stretching and taking ibuprofen to get the swelling down. I took an unscheduled rest day from running yesterday and it feels much better. I was going to go out this morning but decided against it as another day of rest will probably do it much more good at the moment so I've been sensible (for a change!).

I doubt I'll be able to resist a run tomorrow though..........

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