Friday, December 31, 2010

End of year baking

Today's bread is a French Recipe named Pain de Campagne and is a very tasty rustic bread made partly with Rye flour with the addition of fresh oregano. It's great toasted or with cheese and Mike said it goes well with cooked meats as well.

It has a heart motif as it was made with love!

Having become accustomed to having puddings and chocolates over the Christmas period, there was consternation when there were no afters at lunchtime.

This obviously had to be rectified and so I rustled up this chocolate orange cake. I made it extra naughty by adding some orange chocolate liqueur to the frosting and filling. The orange zest and juice I added to the cake mix provide the health giving benefits of vitamin C (ahem, it's still the festive period and dieting starts tomorrow!).

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