Friday, March 22, 2013

The Knitting and Stitching Show, Olympia

I'm a bit late in writing about this but it's been a busy week.  Last week I was lucky enough to have been given a complementary ticket to the show by the lovely Dixie Nichols from whom I have purchased the most beautiful and original buttons.  Unfortunately she was only at the show on the Thursday and Friday and I couldn't get there until Saturday so I didn't get to drool over her lovely selection of buttons.  Probably just as well as my credit card went into shock as soon as we walked into the exhibition hall!

It was a dreary day, cold, wet and windy day as you can see from my photo of The Shard, taken from the train.  I had to take the tube to get to Olympia and although I know it's an efficient and cost-effective way of getting about London it really isn't something I enjoy.

The entrance
Having joined the long queue to get in I was set loose in a veritable Aladdin's Cave of crafting goodies!

Felted meerkats
Emily Peacock at work on one of her vibrant tapestries
Aren't they stunning?
The proud stallholder of Helkat Designs
Bespoke one-off textiles.  Simply beautiful!
A dress made from re-cycled carrier bags
A table of eager helpers cut up carrier bags - I love her headdress.
Fashion students displayed their designs
Ooooh, I'd wear this!

Many amazing quilts on display

A woodland Nymph with attitude!

Her Woodland Boudoir - a collaboration between 8 female artists
After much searching I finally found Jane Crowfoot.  Her crocheted Easter Eggs were really jolly and reminded me that somewhere at home I've still got some eggs that mum and I decorated when I was a child.

We had a brief chat and she told me that the Crochet Club is about to get even more exciting than the granny square type patterns we've done this month.  Excellent, now I can't wait for my next set of instructions!

When I first entered the halls the cafe areas were all empty.  By the time realised I was both hungry and thirsty they were absolutely heaving so I decided to head for home and grab something en-route.

Right by the exit I couldn't help but smile when I spotted these ladies who were having a snack before they headed inside.   Hope you enjoyed your visit ladies!

What did I buy?  I was very restrained as I could have spent an absolute fortune but I tried to be good as I have so much in my stash that I could go without buying anything for several years and not run out of projects!

A cat shape to decoupage with paper or maybe bits of embroidery

A bag full of small amounts of yummy Chinese bourette silk for teeny-weeny crocheting
Seeing Jane reminded me that I haven't shared the last bits of crochet from the January Crochet Club so here they are.  There's just a bit of surface crochet and embroidery and the beads were supposed to be sewn on but I preferred to crochet them in place because I think it's neater.  Now everything needs blocking to size.

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