Sunday, March 31, 2013

My run, asthma, signs of Spring & a tank

My run

Well Easter Day has been no warmer than other days and it's been dreary and cold with the odd flurry of snow.  Thankfully I only had to run 9 miles today and I kept myself occupied by looking for signs of Spring.

In the hedgerow there were catkins and pussy willow.  I always think catkins look like lambs' tails and pussy willow is soft as a rabbit's paw.

Pussy Willow

In the verges there was lots of new growth with leaves of all kinds of plants thrusting through the undergrowth.   Primroses and celandines were in flower but the wood anemones weren't quite open.


I met these 2 gorgeous little ponies who came to say hello and get a stroke from me.  They were less than 9 hands high (about 3ft)!  They were very friendly and we had a nice little chat until I realised I was getting cold just standing around.

Cute ponies
As usual I managed to find an interesting tree root which I thought looked as if it was an entrance to an underworld.  I think that having a vivid imagination helps stave off the boredom of long runs and takes my mind off the cold!

Doorway to another world
When I reached the highest point of my route I stopped and watched the seagulls riding the current from the valley below.  You can just make one out in the centre of the photo.  Everywhere looks so grey and dull and I wished the sun had popped out for a while to brighten things up.

Soaring seagull
As I ran along one lane I did a double-take when I looked to my left and saw this tank parked in someone's drive.  How's that for a second vehicle!!!

So 9 miles in total but I did experience a few breathing problems.   More of that below.

Asthma, the return

I've been following a strict vegan diet for Lent, or at least until Good Friday this year as I didn't want to make anyone else miss out on Easter goodies until Sunday.  I've written already about how much better I've felt and how my breathing has improved dramatically which may or may not be related to the elimination of dairy products and eggs.

So on Friday I had 2 hot cross buns, which had milk, skimmed milk powder, eggs and butter in, and some Easter biscuits which had butter and a bit of milk in them.  Yesterday we had pizza for tea and that was the first time I've had cheese since the start of Lent so I was very interested to see how I reacted to this reintroduction.  I also had a few milk chocolate mini eggs.

This morning I can confirm that my chest feels heavy, full of gunk and my breathing was decidedly laboured during my run.  Bother, or words to that effect!

My next move is to revert to a vegan diet again during the week and see if I can just include these foodstuffs occasionally.  Watch this space.

The birds

As I was doing the washing-up earlier I spotted this little pied wagtail having a good splash around in the bird bath on the patio.  Sorry the photo's grainy but I took it through the kitchen window.

Wagtail bathing
Clean again
I also spotted an enormous flock of fieldfares in the field.   There were hundreds of them and when something scared them they split into smaller groups and flew in different directions.  I tried to zoom in on  a few of them in the oak tree.


More baby booties

I found these sweet little booties made in crocodile stitch by Bonita and I knew I just had to make them for Angela's new granddaughter along with the violet and lemon ones I've made already.  I knew I'd got some variegated baby yarn in my stash so after a bit of rummaging I unearthed it and I think it could look very pretty.  It's got very gentle shades of white, pale blue, mauve, pink and turquoise.

More baby booties


Shan said...

I laughed out loud when I saw the tank!

Boredom while running - I can't imagine...just doing a 40 minute run nearly kills me with boredom!

Susie Hewer said...

LOL Shan. I ran past and thought I must have been hallucinating then went back and took the photo really quickly in case anyone was watching me! I'll probably appear on one of those TV shows where people get set-up and everyone laughs at them!