Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weather - or not!

Before I start waffling on about the weather we've had this week I thought I'd better show some more crochet pieces.

I love the colours and shapes but getting gauge seems to be causing one or two headaches amongst the group, me included.  The 4 small squares were spot-on.  The corner pieces were way too big using a 3mm hook so I had to downsize to a 2.5mm hook which worked fine.

I've got 5 more pieces to finish for the first batch but I need to take a short break to crochet some baby bootees as my friend Angela has become a granny again; to a little baby girl named Violet.  I found some pretty violet coloured baby yarn and bought some pale primrose and some white so I can play around with the colours as I thought they were very fresh and Spring-like.

Now, about the weather we've had this week.  It started so well on Monday and Tuesday with lovely sunshine and no wind and it was so warm that I ran in my shorts and tee shirt.

Sunny coppice

Bluebell leaves peeping through

Esther and Kizzy without their blankets on
The fields had just started to dry out a bit but the next day it rained and how it rained!  The water butts, which were nearly empty, were filled up overnight and the fields developed small ponds and waterfalls.  So it was back to wet-weather gear for me when I tended the horses.  Very glamourous!

It also went colder so it was back into long tights for my runs.

The ditches started to fill up again

Ramsons (aka wild garlic, a misnomer) peeping through

Misty telegraph poles stretching into infinity
Not content with trying to drown everyone, the weather then decided to get even colder again and whip up the wind.  I went out for my run at 6:30am this morning and it was reasonably mild with no wind.  One hour into my 15 mile run the bitter Easterly wind started up and the temperature dropped dramatically.

Thankfully I'd dressed accordingly and I was very glad I'd worn gloves as I was bitterly cold when I got home 2 hours 45 minutes later.  That cup of coffee was most welcome!

I had a good run with only a couple of minor niggles in my right leg and my breathing was OKish so I was pleased.  I amused myself by spotting shapes in tree roots and stumps:

The trees have ears!

A stag's head and antlers (well I can see it anyway!)
Back home I had to put Kizzy's rug back on as she is not as hardy as Esther - she has a thick coat and so is OK without her rug.

Esther's mane glows in the dull light 
This little fellow has been scrapping with other drakes (it's that time of year when they choose a duck with whom to mate) which is why his chest has white bits where he's been pecked.

They keep picking on me!

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Shan said...

I see the stag's head too...and WHAT an ear that is!

Lovely horses and spunky drake.

Envy your crochet talent as mine is abysmal. Must practice more!