Monday, September 5, 2011

Sky 14

Oh what a cracking end to the day!

I took so many photos that it was very hard to select the best so it's going to be a photo overload.

I love evenings like this when we just wander down the garden to see the ducks on the pond, watch the rabbits scurrying across the fields, the horses munching continually on the grass, the fox jumping up at the branches of the plum tree when he's devoured all those on the ground, the badger who streaks across the lawn towards the apple and pear trees, the bats swooping overhead.

It's heavenly!

So many sounds as well; the hum of farm machinery desperately working into the evening, against the clock, to get the crop harvested before the rains come again, the occasional baaing from nearby sheep or a distant moo (not many cows round here at the moment after the last foot and mouth outbreak), the hoot of an owl, and every so often the noise of a strange flying machine which we think looks rather like a pterodactyl with a sleeping bag underneath!

It's owned by a farmer from a nearby village and we often see it circling overhead like a giant, but rather noisy bird of prey. If you zoom in on the orange bit you can just see him.

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