Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sky 19 and a training update

Another dismal day yesterday with the brightest bits being just before sunset. Doesn't Esther show up well against the dark background of the trees. She's such a Barbie pony with her flaxen mane and tail.
As the sun disappeared it looked as if someone had just dusted a powder puff in the valley as it's such a subtle colour. It's now only just over 4 weeks until the marathon and the tough sessions are starting to bite. I've found some of the cross-training quite tough - being on the static bike for 45 minutes is not my idea of fun and I've really missed my runs across the fields and through the woods. I've managed most of my interval sessions on the treadmill quite well and overall I reckon my speed has increased over the shorter distances. The proof of the pudding will be if I can translate this into a speedier marathon. It certainly won't be for the wont of trying! We slower runners and/or charity runners are often referred to as a 'fun runners' and it's such a derisory term that it irritates me beyond measure given the amount of effort I put into my training. I feel rather like Hancock in the "call me asshole" scene and I want to say "call me 'fun runner' one more time............" Of course I never do though!

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