Friday, September 30, 2011

Sky 41 (Thursday)

Oh my it was hot on Thursday.

The weathermen are talking of records being broken over the weekend as we head into October.

We were out again in the garden again in the evening and the ducks helped us finish off the remaining pasta and sauce whilst we polished off a nice bottle of Rose wine!

As the sun began to set we adjourned to the sunloungers, complete with a crochet blanket blanket each - it's amazing how quickly the temperature drops once the sun has disappeared.

I clicked away with the camera until I got some shots that pleased me. I was very pleased to catch a small flock of rooks heading across the dusky pink sky. I looked up the collective noun for them and found a building, a clamour or a parliament of rooks! Why do we need anything other than a flock?

Then when it was too dark to read we went inside and shared out blankies with Tinker.

I had a good 'deep tissue massage' from Mary Massage Lady in the morning. She said my legs are in very good shape and I should do well. If that isn't the kiss of death on my marathon goal I don't know what is!

She's advised me not to do any knitting, crochet or heavy gardening next week so I don't aggravate my sore neck.

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