Monday, September 5, 2011

Sky 15

Yesterday it was the Autumn show for the local Horticultural Society so I had to show willing and enter few categories. I'm not really into showing fruit and veg but always enter the handicraft and baking sections.

This year I one a first for my display of conference pears and for my patchwork cushion, along with several seconds, including one for my miniature flower arrangement which I was proud of as I'm not very good at flower arranging.

When I'd staged my exhibits we headed off to an attic/downsizing sale at this lovely house.

Isn't it stunning with a nice price tag to match! I would have loved to have a look around the gardens as they sound amazing in the Estate Agents blurb.

I came away with a few goodies, notably 4 preserving jars (50p each) and 2 jars of pretty shells at a bargain price.

As soon as we got home I washed them and set them out to see what I'd got and I certainly wasn't disappointed as they look beautiful. Of course now I need to think of a new shell project to make use of them!

This first photo was taken at 6:15pm to show the cloud formation before sunset.

This is how it had developed an hour later.

This week has been a step-back week in my running schedule which is just as well. Last night I just couldn't get to sleep which is most unlike me. Tossing an turning, listening to the clock strike each 1/2 hour. The last thing I remember was it striking 1:30am and when the alarm went off at 5am I was like a zombie.

It took me longer than usual to get out the door for my run and when I did I was sluggish. Never mind, I had a nice run in the end with half of it on the lanes and half across the fields with plenty of wildlife to watch. I was slower than the slowest thing but no complaints as it's another 15.5 miles under my belt.

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