Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sky 39 and some new residents

Another glorious day yesterday.

Almost too hot at midday but I'm really not complaining!

As we watched the sun go down we decided to walk across the fields to meet our new residents.

Melissa had phoned earlier to ask if was OK to put some sheep on the fields and of course we said yes.

I'm not sure what breed they are - not the usual Romneys as they don't have the black face or stockings. I think they must be Suffolks but I must ask next time I see her.

I think Suffolks are the ones that are good in wet conditions as they don't suffer from the dreaded foot rot.
By the time we'd walked back the sky had taken on these lovely dusky hues.

Today is a non-running day so I have to do what's known as cross-training which means I'll be pedaling away on the static bike and using the rower then doing lots of stretches.

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